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Currently searching for freelance concept artists who specialize in blue prints, schematics and cut-away views of vehicles, star-ships and space stations.

Please respond via Note/PM with links to appropriate samples in your own gallery or portfolio, and rates for the size and complexity of the specific piece. I offer contracts only per piece, and do not pay by the hour--bid accordingly.

This is a simple commission in which you will draw blue-prints and schematics based on renders of established 3D oibjects and rough sketches from the original 3D artist.

I am also open to bids from artists who paint science fiction vehicle and starship concept pieces.

Please respond by Note. I will not see responses to this thread.
Looking for science fiction illustrators for a current project. Paid commissions, work-for-hire, with the artist retaining portfolio and promotional rights.

Please respond as a PM with links to appropriate gallery samples AND YOUR COMMISSION RATES for any or all of the following image types:

Bust portraits and avatars, human and alien - 

Full length character concept, no background or simple background -

Character illustration, with background - 

Action illustration, humans and/or aliens, with background -

MONSTER/Creature/bestiary illustration, simple/no background - 

Environment, possibly small figure included for scale - 

Map/System Diagram, Cutaway view of ships or stations -

Ship-to-ship combat illustration

Weapon and Vehicle thumbnail concepts 

Weapon and Vehicle developed concepts

Please do not quote rates per hour. I will only deal with bids per finished piece.

Reply by PM. I will not respond or view links posted to this thread.
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The Engineer Discovers the Tubes!


Earlier tonight my team and I launched our very first crowdfunding campaign for a new game. Sword of the Stars: The Pit is a light, joyous, action-oriented role-playing game set in the Sword of the Stars universe. We are extremely excited about the project, and extremely proud of some of the super cool swag that we've managed to generate for this campaign.

The Sword of the Stars universe is a big place, and it takes a lot of concept art to bring it to life. It is a genuine pleasure to have the chance to publish some of the concept art that we have commissioned over the last 18 months from artists all over the world, including more than a few here that I met for the first time here at Deviantart.

Some of the best work we have commissioned from more than one Deviant will be represented in our Kerberos Concept Art Calendar for 2013: for example, the cover image of the Dueling Princes was commissioned from Juan Diego Dianderas, who does great work in a variety of genres, including Science Fiction.

Cool Concept Art Calendar!

The Premium Lore Book also has some concept art commissions from Deviants, as you can see by checking out the mock-up of a page that was originally painted by Chenthooran Nambiarooran, a great painter with a real flair for horror.

Too Zuul for School!

Other concept artists who have contributed work to the Sword of the Stars universe in the last two years include Rachel Marks, Emmanuel Francisco, Jesus Garcia Lopez, Lindsey Wakefield, Mike Mitsuya and many others.

Anyway, we are really happy with the warm and immediate response from our fan base, and I hope that the artists who have worked with us for the past 18 months are happy to know that the fans are loving their work and supporting the games they have helped bring to life.

Wish us luck!





Arinn Dembo
I am primarily a writer and designer in the gaming industry. I am here to support artists who I know and care about personally, and also to meet artists that I can collaborate with as a writer or offer commissions as a designer. I also do a bit of work as a photographer and occasionally paint or draw as a hobby, and I share those deviations for fun.

I look forward to finding a few artists that I can work with consistently in the years to come. Sci-fi, fantasy, and horror are my preferred genres. Thanks for stopping by my profile.


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Your Sots-verse work is outstanding.
Warm thanks and best of luck.
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